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Finding that Elusive Fabric

processed””:”” Oh no! You don’t have enough of a specific fabric to finish your quilt. What do you do? One option is to use one of the quilt-shop search engines […]

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Cutting Table Height

consider bed risers. Or add lengths of PVC pipe cut to the length you need as recommended by Handmade by Diana:

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Organizing Your Quilting “Inspiration”

I just grab a binder and browse. How do you organize project ideas and patterns? “”

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Pressing vs. Ironing

rather than a pushing motion. This helps with block accuracy. But the real question is: do you always press the seam allowance to the darker fabric? Or

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Sewing Table Height

and your knees should bend at a 90-degree angle. This usually means that

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Pre-washing Fabric

dry in dryer until almost dry

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“Spirals can be used in blocks and borders too. And they are great combined with other shapes to create gorgeous designs.”