by Mary Beth Krapil

Thanksgiving is the holiday we celebrate here in the USA on the forth Thursday in November each year. It originated with our ancestors as a harvest celebration. It has morphed in modern times into a day that we are mindful of and grateful for all of the things that make us comfortable, bring us joy and enrich our lives. Each person has their own personal list. We at Handi Quilter are grateful for quilting.

Comfort, joy and enrichment? Quilting fits that description to a T! After all, what could make you more comfortable than a warm snugly quilt? And joy? There is so much joy, from the very start. The quilt maker finds joy in deciding to make a quilt for someone special, choosing a pattern, gathering fabrics (that’s extra special joy!), cutting and sewing. And then comes the best part of all….. the quilting. Choosing quilting designs and sewing the 3 layers together into a finished quilt is so satisfying. Then the quilter shares the joy by giving the quilt away and the joy is multiplied. The quilt enriches both the maker and the receiver.

So yes, we are thankful for QUILTING. And pie, let’s not forget pie.

photo By Scott Bauer

Thank you for allowing Handi Quilter to be a part of your creative life. We pride ourselves on equipping, educating and inspiring you to finish more quilts.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Quilting!