Image of National Educator Pat Alderman

Pat Alderman

Pat Alderman is a business owner, entrepreneur, educator, and award-winning quilter. For nearly a decade, Pat has partnered with quilt shops, companies, and individuals to achieve their successful and rewarding career, all while helping others attain their goals.

Pat believes her personal passion for quilting has empowered her to inspire countless others to find and nurture their creativity. By combining the ageless world of quilting with the continued growth of computerized technology, we create quilts that are not only masterpieces or heirlooms, but our beloved everyday quilts. Pat’s effectiveness in teaching provides clarity and understanding of information and technology to the heart of each quilter.

Pat has had the good fortune of winning many awards, including Best of Show awards for quilting and sewing, along with helping many of her customers achieve recognition and awards for their quilts. Pat enjoys traveling, playing piano, and cooking (because she loves to eat)!

Pat holds a BA degree in biology, geology, math, and chemistry from the University of Nebraska-CSC. Pat resides in Florida.