Image of National Educator Mary Yoder

Mary Yoder

Mary started sewing at the age of 12, when her mother allowed her to sew on her basic domestic sewing machine. Mary quickly figured out how to put things together and loved creating.

Over 40 years ago, Mary made her first quilt using left over scraps from garment sewing, and backed it with a purchased blanket.

Mary started making quilts, but did not like finishing them on her domestic sewing machine. When she saw the HQ Sixteen, she knew it was for her. Once the Pro-Stitcher came out, Mary added it to her machine and now loves finishing her quilts using Pro-Stitcher and other free motion techniques.

Mary has taught different aspects of sewing for over 20 years and is now very excited to concentrate on quilting and being an educator for Handi Quilter. Mary lives in Southern California and loves spending time with her 4 daughters and 8 grandchildren.