Image of National Educator Mary Fisher

Mary Fisher

Mary Fisher discovered long-arm quilting quite accidentally. A er her 35 year career in medical transcription was ending and her children were ”leaving the nest”, she began exploring options for the next chapter of her life.

Having pieced her first quilt to celebrate the birth of a grand baby in 2008, Mary continued piecing quilts. In the process she discovered longarm quilting. While the piecing was fun, she quickly fell in love with the longarm and realized it was there she felt the most at home. She purchased the HQ Avanté® with Pro-Stitcher® in 2011 and never looked back!

A natural cheerleader, Mary loves learning and sharing quilting with new users! She challenges herself daily to grow in the craft, and brings to her students the same joy she felt the first me she quilted on a Handi Quilter!

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