Image of National Educator Linda Matteotti

Linda Matteotti

Linda Matteotti's passion for quilting and love of computer software brought her to Handi Quilter more than six years ago. With a degree in Clothing and Textiles, and experience as an instructor of computer software at a community college, she excels in teaching today's quilter how to accomplish the art of quilting using quilting related technology. Students find her to be a patient, knowledgeable, and thorough teacher.

Linda is an award-winning quilter, with a wealth of experience teaching at major national quilt shows. She has been a Handi Quilter National Educator since 2007 and has taught at numerous shops and private events across the US and internationally, including Handi Quilter’s Academy. Her expertise includes the HQ Sweet Sixteen®, both the HQ18 Avanté® and HQ24 Fusion® longarm machines, and her favorite, the HQ Pro-Stitcher® for computerized quilting.

Linda is also a certified Art & Stitch teacher, an experienced Electric Quilt instructor, and a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). Recently she has had great success teaching the art of Zentangle as it relates to quilting. Linda resides in Tempe, Arizona. Visit her website at

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