Image of National Educator Julie Elliott

Julie Elliott

For as long as she can remember, Julie has been a maker, and making quilts is her passion. She loves all forms of quilting regardless of the style or the technique, believing the common thread among all quilt makers is a love of color, pattern, cloth, and the simple desire to create something beautiful with one’s hands.

Julie has been making quilts for more than 25 years and her early quilts were mainly traditional, featuring well-known blocks and patterns. A class with Jean Wells introduced Julie to improvisational techniques, and today her work is more modern in nature. She especially enjoys exploring new ways to re-imagine those traditional blocks using a fresh, clean and modern aesthetic.

After many years of quilting with her domestic machine on a longarm frame, Julie’s quilting world expanded with the purchase of her HQ Avante with Pro-Stitcher. With these tools at her fingertips, Julie has taken her quilting to a new level, building her designs around the quilting itself, even before she begins piecing. Having taught at local guilds and retail shops, Julie loves sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with her students.

Julie is a member of the Denver Metro Modern Quilt Guild. Jurors have selected Julie’s work to hang at QuiltCon and American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek® in Paducah, Kentucky. Her projects have appeared in Generation Q Magazine, Curated Quilts, and 50 Little Gifts, published by Lucky Spool Media.