Ebony Love

Award-winning author and quilter Ebony Love has been sewing since her legs were long enough to reach the foot pedal on her first sewing machine. When her friends started getting married and having babies, she began quilting and has been passionate about it ever since.

Since 2012, Ebony has owned or quilted on every longarm machine in the HQ family. She became a Handi Quilter Ambassador in 2015 and today proudly quilts on her HQ Fusion® with Pro-Stitcher® and HQ Avanté® machines. She loves combining the precision and detail of computerized designs with the whimsical and artistic inspiration of free motion, and is so productive that she often keeps two machines running. 

Ebony’s quilt designs and quilting have been featured in dozens of magazines, and she’s appeared in many online and television programs including Quilting Arts, Quilty with Mary Fons, Quilt It!, and Quilt Remix. She also produces her own quilting videos to share on her YouTube channel.

When Ebony is not traveling to teach she operates and works out of her public studio, MADE Creative Fiber Arts Studio, in Mundelein, IL.