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Don’t let space restrictions dictate what you can create. Combined with the HQ Little Foot Frame™ system, the HQ Simply Sixteen enables any quilter, beginner to advanced, to finish any size quilt without the space requirements of a conventional frame system. Integrated technology and engineering provide the functionality that quilters demand, paired with the smoothest stitch in the industry. Handcrafted in the U.S.A., the HQ Simply Sixteen is backed by the HQ warranty and a large network of local representatives. It’s simply the best solution when space is at a premium.


Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in
Frame Size

HQ Studio2 Frame 10-foot, HQ Studio2 Frame 12-foot, Little Foot 5-foot, HQ Loft Frame (8' Frame System)

Throat Size

16 inches

Frame & Frame Size

HQ Loft Frame (10'), HQ Loft Frame (8'), HQ Studio2 Frame (10'), HQ Studio2 Frame (12')


1,800 Stitches per minute

Stitches per inch

4 to 18

Display size

3.5 inch

Pro-Stitcher Compatibility

Not Compatible

2 reviews for HQ Simply Sixteen Longarm Quilting Machine

  1. Catherine Aitken

    This is a fantastic machine. Up until a year ago, I quilted my quilts on a full size Gammill. Then we moved and I had to sell it as I had no room for it in my new home. I kept looking at the Simply Sixteen on the internet but thought it would not be like a real long arm machine. Finally, after months of not quilting because I had no way to finish them, I got the chance to see and try the Simply Sixteen and the 5 foot frame. I bought it right away! I have had it for two weeks and it is fantastic! Both the machine and frame are rock solid (easy to set up too). I find the weight of the machine is perfect for smooth starts and stops. Tension is easy to set and it is easy to put the quilt on the frame. I also find it easy to advance the quilt, and doing it gives me a chance to stretch and take a break. Rather than quilting solidly for hours. I love this machine! I’m dong stitches I had problems with on the full frame long arm. I wouldn’t go back, or part with this Simply Sixteen for anything! It is Simply great!!

  2. Glenn Lockwood Sr

    I’ve owned the Simply Sixteen for over two years now. It’s on a 10 ft studio frame. I don’t believe you can beat the price and results you can achieve on this machine. The Simply Sixteen will quilt the same as any larger machine up to a thirteen inch pattern. And a 10 ft frame can become an 8 ft frame if space is a problem. If you buy one I would suggest getting the upgrade for the tension adjustment. It’s not a cure all for adjusting the tension, but a numerical setting makes a world of difference for a starting point, then trying to remember how many turns one way or the other on the standard tension knob. You have to try one to see how good it is. You don’t have to spend $20,000 to get a quality machine that does the job exceptionally well. My wife is the topper and is extremely happy with her finished product.

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HQ Longarm Machine Warranty: 10 years casting, 5 years electrical, and 5 years mechanical.

Pro-Stitcher systems: Five-year Mechanical, Five-year Electronic/Electrical, Two-year tablet PC, Lifetime Software Updates.

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