Friday 8AM Classes

Triple the Fun 201 – Class Full

Instructor: Sarah Thomas

Course ID: 057 – Class Full
Course type: HQ Pro-Stitcher Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 8AM

In this two-part class, you will become more comfortable integrating Pro-Stitcher designs, ruler work, and custom FMQ on one project. Sarah will provide each student a pre-made mini quilt top for your own customization. During this hands-on class, each student will use her Starblazer Mini Pattern, which has been shown at Quilt Con and in Modern Quilts Unlimited magazine (Issue 18), as the perfect foundation to get creative will all three quilting techniques. Look up and follow Sarah’s quilting online: In this Part 2 class, you will stitch out your own unique masterpiece, which you will be able to take home. You will receive the knowledge and tools to customize and transform your designs by using Pro-Stitcher to crop, rotate, resize, repeat, rubber band area, and reposition. Learn how to create your own modern or traditional style by using echo lines, dense or loose fills, various shapes, and different threads to compliment your quilt. Sarah will teach skills using Pro-Stitcher tools, rulers, and FMQ creativity, and you will create a style that will be unique to you. NOTE: You must choose Part 1, Triple the Fun 101, to register for this class. Please bring your jump drive and note-taking essentials to class. You are welcome to bring your own pieced mini quilt (no larger than fat quarter size/18″x22″) to discuss quilting options/ideas or possibly quilt in lieu of the class piece provided if you desire. NOTE: If you register for Sarah’s Thread, Needles, Tension, Feet lecture/demo, then you’ll be armed with the perfect thread knowledge and eagerness to carry over to this class!

Fancy Footwork – Class Full

Instructor: Mary Beth Krapil

Course ID: 058 – Class Full
Course type: HQ Sweet Sixteen Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 8AM

You’ve seen all the cool accessory feet we have for our Handi Quilter machines. Now you can learn all about how to use each one while creating a cute little gift. The accessory feet expand your quilting possibilities and multiply your FUN! Create a snack mat using ALL the feet. Ruler foot, open toe foot, couching foot, echo feet and glide foot. Mary Beth will guide you step-by-step (get it? Step, feet…. Haha!)

Catch a Wave in Utah

Instructor: Gina Siembieda

Course ID: 059
Course type: HQ Amara Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 8AM

Hands-on ruler class using the assortment of Wave Rulers. There are endless possibilities for the wave rulers by Handi Quilter. They are great on their own or used as a base to expand your designs. This class will give you the opportunity to try them all and go home with a sampler of choices to be able to use in future quilts. Catch the wave fever!

Quick Grid and Go, Great Background Fillers

Instructor: Sue Patten

Course ID: 060
Course type: HQ Simply Sixteen Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 8AM

This class is based on one grid, one travel path and dozens of endless possible designs. We’ll start off with a basic travel path and a simple everyday quilt design, then transform the path and design to create quick easy, unique, fillers that will look great on every style of quilt top. This is the perfect class for all levels of quilters. Come see how stunning and easy, a background fill can be, with nothing more than a grid stencil, a pounce pad and a quick easy quilting design. Stencils and pounce pad will be supplies for every student for the use in class.

HQ Pro-Stitcher Borders and Corners, Get Out of the Corner

Instructor: Diane Henry

Course ID: 061
Course type: Pro-Stitcher Simulation
Schedule: Friday 8AM

Creating beautiful custom quilts is not just about dropping block designs in the center of your quilt; it is about completing beautiful borders to surround those blocks. Come learn about how to work with the over 30 border and corner sets included in the HQ Pro-Stitcher system. But the fun does not stop there, HandiQuilter International Educator and Real Life Quilter, Diane Graf Henry, will also teach you quick and easy border ideas using pantos, blocks, and triangles all designed to help you make amazing borders for your quilts without having to work to hard to do it. Beginners, as well as, experienced “Pro-Stitchers” are welcome!

Anatomy of a Swirl

Instructor: Mary Fisher

Course ID: 062
Course type: Sweet Sixteen Lecture/Demo
Schedule: Friday 8AM

From modern to traditional, the swirl is everywhere! In this class we’ll explore the many types of swirls found in quilting. From borders and backgrounds to e2e designs, we’ll dissect the swirl! Learn to fill areas with the whimsical use of the swirl. Whether they flourish, texturize or fill, swirls are the pefect companion to your quilting!

Help, How do I Quilt it

Instructor: Angela Walters

Course ID: 063
Course type: Lecture/Demo
Schedule: Friday 8AM

Sometimes deciding what to quilt can be harder than actually quilting it! In this class Angela Walters help you decide what machine quilting designs to use by having you ask the expert of your opinion, you! This lecture starts with a slideshow presentation full of quilted eye candy and practical tips for choosing designs. Then, it's your turn! Students can bring quilt tops to get ideas and suggestions for ways to quilt it. It's part show and tell, part practical advice and completely fun!

Quilt Layout with Art & Stitch

Instructor: Linda Matteotti

Course ID: 064
Course type: Lecture/Demo
Schedule: Friday 8AM

Use the backdrop tool and a digital photo of your quilt to audition quilting designs. Manipulate and repeat designs to create a pleasing quilt layout, then take the designs to your computerized quilting machine.

Friday 10AM Courses

Whole Cloth on Pro Stitcher Premium

Instructor: Mary Fisher

Course ID: 065
Course Type: HQ Pro-Stitcher Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Here is your chance to create the stunning whole cloth quilts we see winning competitions everywhere. Expand your PSP skills to include design choices, quilting a design that is too large for the quilt space, creating/stitching background fills, toggling between FMQ and PSP, and more! You’ll take home your very own Wholecloth quilt!

Not Your Grandma’s Hankie

Instructor: Jane Hauprich

Course ID: 066
Course Type: HQ Sweet Sixteen Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Let’s get those vintage linens out of the closet and make them into a beautiful display piece!! Let’s take a small vintage linen and bring it to life! We will do some design work and then start quilting these beauties and end up with an adorable wallhanging or table topper!! The possibilities for quilting with vintage linens are endless! Supplies to bring for the class: Hankie or napkin no larger than 8”-10” square. Suggested fabrics would be satin, faux satin, cotton), no larger than 12”-14” square.

Sewing Room Organizer

Instructor: Harriet Carpanini

Course ID: 067
Course Type: HQ Amara Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Create a multi pocket organizer right on the long arm. Techniques used will be the sew and flip method and binding on the machine. The many pockets can be used to hold patterns, rulers and even your collection of show pins. In this class you will complete the top and all that’s left is stitching down the binding to the back and tabs to hang. (Students will need to bring precut fabric to class). Backing and batting will be provided.

Whoooo Likes Rulers and Templates

Instructor: Debby Brown

Course ID: 068
Course Type: HQ Simply Sixteen Hands-On
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Quilt like a wise old owl when you use a stencil, pounce, and a variety of Rulers and templates. Debby Brown will open your eyes to the wide range of possibilities using stencils for more accurate designs and rulers and templates to get the perfect lines and curves. You will walk away from this class being much a much wiser.

Bumping up your Edge to Edge: Fresh new looks for an old favorite

Instructor: Megan Best

Course ID: 069
Course Type: Simulation
Schedule: Friday 10AM

While we love edge to edge quilting, there are ways to really give it a fresh appearance. Using multiple designs, skewed designs, and cropped designs to freshen and modernize computerized designs. Planning ahead and use your Pro-Stitcher Simulator to get out of the box and have fun with edge to edge quilting.

Zentangle Drawing and Quilting

Instructor: Linda Matteotti

Course ID: 070
Course Type: Lecture Demo
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Zentangle drawing lends itself naturally to free-motion quilting. Certified Zentangle Teacher, Linda Matteotti, will introduce you to Zentangle, an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. After learning to draw by the Zentangle method, you will be treated to a demonstration of applying the designs to fabric and quilting the designs.

Breaking Down Borders

Instructor: Kelly Ashton

Course ID: 071
Course Type: Lecture Demo
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Have some fun with designing ideas for those tricky borders. Kelly will share with you some of her tips and tricks to break those borders down into smaller spaces to simplify yet enhance those larger quilting spaces. Learn how to space, divide, and conquer the borders of your quilts.

Moving On With Art and Stitch

Instructor: Susan Manry

Course ID: 072
Course Type: Lecture Demo
Schedule: Friday 10AM

Now that you've learned the basic tools in Art and Stitch, let's learn about some of the more exciting features! In this hands-on class, you'll learn about Magic Circle, Creative Fills, Snap, Alignment, Transform Artwork, and more to create a design like the one of these that can be taken to the Pro-Stitcher.

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